Apple May Have a Touchscreen Netbook in Store for the Fall ➝

The InfoTimes (translated link below) is reporting that Apple will debut a touchscreen netbook in October. Foxconn, Wintek, and Dynapack are all listed as companies supplying parts to Apple for the device. Wintek will be the main manufacturer of the 9.7-inch touchscreens that will be in the netbook while Foxconn will be assembling it.

They go on to say that the netbook would not be priced similar to the rest of the netbook market (no surprise there) but instead will be sold for around $800 when it comes to market in October.

The odd thing about this story is that it calls the device a netbook not a tablet. It’s almost a fact that Apple has been working on a tablet, but a netbook is a completely different story. I’m willing to bet that information just got a little misinterpreted somewhere along the line, a tablet makes sense for Apple, a netbook does not. Especially at the $800 price point, the MacBook is already at $999 coming out with a similar device priced only $200 below the MacBook would be silly.

So let’s leave out the idea that this is a netbook and just assume that they meant tablet. The one bit of information that is unsurprisingly missing is what operating system the device would run. It seems to be pretty split down the middle among the opinionated people that I talk with about whether or not Apple should use Mac OS X or iPhone OS.

Because of the way that iPhone developers develop their applications I can’t see how the device could run anything other than Mac OS X but it is also possible that Apple has decided to sell this thing as an internet tablet device that also includes some apps built by Apple (at least until developers get around to building apps specifically for it).

I want a tablet, I know a lot of other people do to. It seems to me that if Apple doesn’t do it soon they will be leaving money on the table for other people (like Michael Arrington) to snatch up instead.

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