White iPhone 3GS Overheats and Turns Brown ➝

Browned iPhone 3GS

I spent the week or so leading up to the launch of the iPhone 3GS trying to convince my girlfriend to get a white model. I was going to get the black one (the black model suites me much better) and I wanted an easy way for us to tell each others apart. I failed, and we ended up both getting black models. But, luckily hitting the home or lock button to check the wallpaper isn’t to difficult, and in a few days she’ll be getting a Gelaskin in the mail.

But, now that the dust has settled I am quite happy that she didn’t get the white version, not because I prefer the look of the black model but because of this report on Nowhere Else (Google translated) of the white version overheating and discoloration occurring on the back.

Apple has had similar problems in the past, everyone who follows this sort of thing remembers all of the discoloration issues with the white MacBook, I experienced it, and practically every other white MacBook owner did as well.

It’s difficult to say how widespread this discoloration issue is with the iPhone, I haven’t seen any other reports about it. But, at this point I don’t know why anyone would take the chance and buy the white model.

Update 7/4/09: According to Engadget it turns out the cause of this browning on white iPhones may have to do with leaving it in a hot car.

Update 7/5/09: frenchiPhone (Google Translated) is claiming that the discoloration of white iPhone 3GSs may be caused by some third party cases. The solution is to clean the back with alcohol. I haven’t found anyone talking about what cases actually cause this problem but it is nice to know that if you do experience it the fix isn’t too difficult.