Scosche Gives the iPod shuffle Buttons ➝

Scosche TapStick

Remember all the cries of outrage that were heard shortly after Apple announced the third generation iPod shuffle? Well, they have all calmed down a bit and now everyone who was outraged can breathe a sigh of relief. Scosche has announced the TapSTICK. Set for release the first week of July, this $29 accessory adds three buttons to the otherwise buttonless iPod shuffle. These three buttons are designed to mimic the functionality of the three buttons that would normally be found on your headphones.

The primary function of this accessory will be the use of it in your car but I’m sure a lot of you out there will use it specifically for third party headphones.

The price is a little steep though, a $29 accessory on a $79 iPod. But, at least the option is now out there.

Update 7/30/09: Both iLuv and Belkin have announced headphone adapters for the iPod shuffle. With on of these adapters you are free to use whatever headphones you like.

Update 7/30/09: Scosche has announced their new “Increased Dynamic Range earphones with tapLINE control technology.” Basically they are relatively cheap third party headphones with iPod and iPhone compatible remote and mic.