‘iPhone 3G S’ Could Become iPhone ‘3GS’ ➝

Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post quotes Greg Jozwiak as saying “we just feel it looks better with the 3GS all together.”

Currently the iPhone 3G S’s product page still uses the space but recently the PR section on Apple’s website has been displaying the name as iPhone 3GS (no spaces).

I have to admit that although it may be easier to search for and not dealing with ugly line wrap issues would seem to make “3GS” more favorable, I personally like the “3G S” spelling better. I think the space keeps it from looking too clunky, it keeps it a little more elegant.

For many I’m sure it doesn’t make much of a difference but for journalists and bloggers who like to pay attention to how products are specifically spelled in regular text (not logos) this is a big deal. And seriously, who really wants to have to go through and change ever instance of “3G S” to “3GS” on their website?

Update 6/24/09: Although I still would rather see the “3G S” spelling, Apple has officially changed the spelling to “3GS” on the product page, and as a result I have changed every instance of “3G S” on this website to “3GS,” except for this article, of course.