Apple Announces Mac OS X Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program ➝

Snow Leopard WWDC 2009

Customers who purchase a qualifying new (list of models) or refurbished (list of models) Mac on or after June 8, that does not include Snow Leopard can upgrade to it for $9.95. If you purchase multiple Macs on a single invoice you can either order multiple upgrade kits at $9.95 each or purchase fewer of them and request the right to copy for the remaining qualifying products.

Once Snow Leopard becomes available in September, Apple will ship your upgrade discs within 24 hours of receiving a customer’s completed order form and payment.

This is a great deal for potential Mac buyers but I’m loving the idea of using Apple’s back to school promotion to purchase one of those brand new MacBook Pros to get a free iPod touch, printer, and now a cheap upgrade plan to Snow Leopard. But, I’m also considering the possibilities of waiting until new iPods come out in September to get a new iPod instead of the current models.

That would truly be taking advantage of all offers. A brand new MacBook, iPod, printer, and OS for the cost of a MacBook. I’m not actually going to take advantage of the offers though, it’s just wishful thinking. I’m actually quite happy with my current systems and the $29 Snow Leopard upgrade cost sounds fine to me.