Verizon Sources Claim iPhone is Coming Soon ➝

Scott Bourne on the most recent episode of MacBreak Weekly claims that he has talked to an “extremely high up Verizon employee” that told him there will be an announcement as early as next month regarding the iPhone.

“He was a little bit cryptic but he did say there was going to be an announcement that Verizon was getting their own, he said these words. I’m trying to get it exact, their own iPhone and the announcement was coming in June. That’s what he said.”

Scott Bourne didn’t just talk to one guy about this either, he also contact another Verizon employee that, although wasn’t as high up as the first, did indeed confirm that Verizon would be getting the iPhone.

This would not only add a lot of potential customers for Apple to market to but it would also bring about some heavy competition between Verizon and AT&T. When two companies have the most sought after phone in the market those two will have to compete on price and service quality to convince customers to choose them.

Although this is still categorized as a rumor it was clear to Scott that his sources truly believe that the iPhone is coming to Verizon, very soon.

Update 11/8/09: AppleInsider’s Prince McLean reports that OTR Global has said that sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain claim that Apple has contracted them to produce a UMTS/CDMA iPhone due in the third quarter of next year.