MacRumors has iPhone 3G vs iPhone 2009 Comparison Shot ➝

MacRumors has posted an image of what appears to be the iPhone 3G next to the next generation iPhone.

The image clearly shows the back of the device having a matte black finished instead of the glossy black of the current iPhone.

MacRumors doesn’t exactly say that this is in fact the next iPhone but instead says:

“We have no further evidence that this case necessarily represents what the next iPhone will look like, but it does seem to be consistent with circulating rumors.”

It is very possible that this is just a fake, but if this is even similar to what the next iPhone will look like we have something to be excited for.

Update 6/2/09: The Green Room has posted a single image with a rundown of every 2009 iPhone rumor. A great reference for what to expect on Monday.

Update 6/5/09: Luna commerce is selling what they claim to be the back cover of the third generation iPhone.

Update 6/10/09: Apple didn’t announce a matte black iPhone at WWDC. But, the FCC ID and the model number are both correct which leads MacRumors (and I) to believe that this is a leaked iPhone 3GS case. WWDC Keynote 2009.