CrackBerry Posts BlackBerry Storm2 Pictures ➝

BlackBerry Storm 2
While everyone is clamoring to find out when the Palm Pre release date is and talking up rumors about the next generation iPhone RIM is just sitting back with the BlackBerry Storm2 in their back pockets.

There is no telling whether this model is actually going to be any better than the current model (which is generally considered to be an all around bad cell phone) but it sure does look pretty.

There isn’t really much to say about these images except that the device does appear to be thinner than the current model and the buttons below the display seem to be touch sensitive, just like the rest of the screen.

Update 5/15/09: Engadget has posted some more pictures of the BlackBerry Storm2.

Update 5/16/09: Engadget has some more details about the BlackBerry Storm2. RIM is said to be abandoning their SurePress technology and moving to a stationary screen, this means that typing on the BlackBerry Storm2 will feel more like typing on an iPhone (So what is RIM going to claim is better about the Storm 2 compared to the iPhone? Media playback? …I think not).

Update 5/19/09: BlackBerryOS.com says that a senior level Verizon employee has said that the BlackBerry Storm2 should be out by the end of this month.

Update 5/21/09: Engadget can confirm that RIM has abandoned the SurePress screen and is now using a traditional capacitive display for the Storm 2. “The Storm 2’s sleeker style and more heft combined with the newly-stable screen collaborate to make everything feel a wee bit higher end than the original.” More impressions, images, and videos from Engadget here.

Update 5/29/09: Crave claims that Verizon Wireless executive Lowell McAdam said that the carrier is expecting to have the BlackBerry Storm2 sometime this year.

Update 8/4/09: The BlackBerry Zone has heard that the BlackBerry Storm2 is set to be released in October on Vodafone in the UK and November on Verizon in the US.

Update 8/24/09: 0rimental has a look at the BlackBerry Storm2 hardware and The Boy Genius Report has some screenshots showing that the Storm 2 is coming in October.