Amazon Expected to Make Kindle Announcement Wednesday ➝

Shortly after The New York Times reported that a larger screened Amazon Kindle would be coming soon Amazon started sending out invitations for an event to be held this Wednesday.

The last event that Amazon held was for the Kindle 2. It seems that all the writing is on the wall for an update to the Kindle product line.

There haven’t been any leaks yet about pricing for the upcoming Kindle version but from my perspective Amazon only has three options. They can either release the newer larger screen version for the same price and discontinue the old one, they can release the new one at the same price and drop the price on the current model, or they can release the new one at a higher price and still keep the older model.

I think everyone is hoping that they drop the price on the current model and release this newer version at the current $359 price point, that would give me a much bigger incentive to purchase the current Kindle model.