Mike Becky

atebits Announces Tweetie for Mac ➝

Tweetie for Mac
Just like many others who enjoy Twitter and use an iPhone, Tweetie for iPhone is my absolute favorite way of interacting with Twitter. There have been dozens of times where I was sitting at my computer and wishing that I could just use Tweetie on my computer rather than have to go in the other room to grab my iPhone.

I’ve used Twitterrific since it was released but it just doesn’t have the feature set of Tweetie. Well, the one man shop (atebits) behind Tweetie released a video of an upcoming version of Tweetie made natively for the Mac.

The app will let you easily navigate through various views such as replies, your timeline, direct messages, and even conversations. The video appears to depict conversations as a way to view a conversation thread between yourself and another Twitter user (as long as @replies are used).

Drag and drop image files into a the app to post to TwitPic, click on a TwitPic link and rather than being sent to the web page (as you are with Twitterrific) a Quick Look-like window will pop up with the image inside it.

It has integrated search functionality and easy link sharing capabilities. The app will be released this Monday April 20. There will be a free advertisement supported version and an ad-free version for $14.95.

TechCrunch has managed to get their hands on a copy of it and will have a full review of the app on Monday. I, on the other hand, will have to wait until Monday to get my hands on the app.

Tweetie for Mac