Apple in Talks with Verizon ➝

USA Today reports that Apple is in talks with Verizon to bring the iPhone to their network in 2010. This would contradict the “5 year exclusivity agreement” that everyone always claims to exist between Apple and AT&T. But, as many forget, the idea that it was a 5 year agreement came from an analyst prediction and not from either AT&T or Apple, meaning its validity was questionable from the get go.

If this report is indeed true (and it appears to be) the customers would be the real winners. AT&T wouldn’t be able to sit on their butts anymore, surely the simple fact that two cell carriers would have the iPhone would force both of them to compete and ultimately drive prices down.

I urge everyone to remember that this news doesn’t claim that Apple is actually going to release the iPhone for Verizon. It simply states that Apple and Verizon are in talks, but whether or not the iPhone will be released for Verizon is yet to be determined.