Samsung Debuts Papyrus E-Book Reader ➝

Samsung Papyrus

Samsung will be releasing a brand new e-book reader named Papyrus, it will be coming to Korea this June and is planned to be released in the UK and US at a later date.

The Papyrus is A5 paper sized and will come in a range of colors, including white, black, and seafoam green. It will have a touchscreen, stylus, and 512MB of memory for storing books or other documents.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed but rumors are ball parking it around the $299 mark.

The Papyrus will not have Wi-Fi or EVDO and in my book that means it is worthless to me. Although I would probably read books if I owned an e-book my primary use for such a device would be to read articles on the internet. Reading it on a display without a backlight would aleviate a lot of eye strain. Obviously I could copy and paste articles into text documents to be transfered to the device but that would be terribly tedius compared to the Amazon Kindle’s web browser, and the Kindle only costs and extra $60.