Mike Becky

EA Mobile Reveals This Year’s iPhone Lineup ➝

On Tuesday EA Mobile discussed their 2009 iPhone game lineup including specific titles that previously hadn’t been announced.

Some of the games discussed had previously been announced, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, The Sims 3, and Need For Speed. But, here are the new titles:

I’m most excited about SSX and Command & Conquer. Interestingly enough, yesterday I was thinking about how much I wanted a snowboarding game (like SSX) on my iPhone. I really hope that they get the controls right, it’s going to be really easy for EA to get them wrong and really difficult for them to get right.

EA Games in App Store.

Update 8/11/09: Wolfenstein RPG has just been released to the App Store. Touch Arcade claims that the game has been ready since May but was held until now due to confusion concerns between it and Wolfenstein Classic.