Initial Charge is written and produced by Michael Rockwell and focuses on Apple products, cell phones, software, and other geek related topics.

Photo by Rebecca Mood

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Initial Charge is hosted by Media Temple.

Articles are published using WordPress. The design is inspired by the langer.tumblr theme for Tumblr and is built upon a theme originally designed by Karsten Kuhnen. In addition to the nearly standard WP Super Cache, Initial Charge uses several excellent WordPress plugins, including VaultPress by Automattic, Benjamin Stein’s BirdFeeder for WordPress, Yinjie Soon’s DF-Style Linked List, Stephen Granade’s WP FancyZoom, and Justin Blanton’s Slugger+ and CF Setter.

Stats are tracked using Mint. And, RSS feeds are read using Shaun Inman’s Fever.

Web Standards

Initial Charge adheres to web standards. Initial Charge’s HTML markup should validate as XHTML 1.1, its layout uses valid CSS, and its syndicated feed is valid RSS.